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The Wick Society is grateful to all the individuals and business that give support in many ways. So we are delighted to provide links to these various websites that may help visitors and residents alike in finding there way to the many quality opportunities in Caithness.

The Wick Society is also pleased to be part of a chain of Heritage Centres and organisations. We are all here to represent varying aspects of our heritage.

The Johnston Collection

The Johnston Collection is a website dedicated to our amazing collection of over forty thousand photographs of Caithness and Sutherland taken by the Johnston dynasty over a period of one hundred and fifty years.

Castlehill Heritage Centre

Castlehill Heritage Centre is operated by Castletown Heritage Society as a visitor experience and educational resource. Themed exhibitions are held throughout the year featuring the history, heritage, biodiversity and social history of Castletown and the parish of Olrig.

Strathnaver Museum

Discover the vibrant culture, inherited from Norse and Gaelic ancestors. Strathnaver Museum is a heart which keeps the blood of tradition pumping; sustaining and preserving it for future generations.

The Scottish Continental Herring Trade

During the long 19th century, the production and export of cured herring from Scotland to the Continent developed into a thriving industry which had a dominant place in the market. Until now, historical accounts have focused on national aspects of the industry, but it would not have succeeded without a customer base and an extensive distribution network on the Continent. This website shows how commercial co-operation across national boundaries helped to slow the decline in the population of the Highlands of Scotland and contributed substantially to the feeding of Europe’s growing working classes.

Thurso Interactive

Created by the Thurso Heritage Society, the website aims to bring you first time access to private collections of photographs, artifacts, maps, videos, and other items relating to the historic town of Thurso past and present.


Timespan is a cultural development organisation and a creative hub, providing a high quality venue for people locally, nationally, and internationally. We build partnerships and collaborate with researchers, artists, audiences and participants of all ages and backgrounds to preserve, sustain, celebrate and amplify the culture of our place.

Venture North

Venture North is a group, founded in 2012, focussing on promoting the tourist offer of Caithness and Sutherland with a grass roots collaborative ethos.