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Wick Voices

In 2016 Wick Voices, the Wick Society's Oral History Section, embarked on an ambitious, long-term project aimed at collecting and preserving memories and information from the past. This will be social history in its most natural form - as told by the people who have lived it. 

Wick Voices is a truly intergenerational project working closely with school pupils and older family members. 

Wick Voices is looking for people who are willing to tell their own stories, tell someone else's story, reminisce about life experiences and describe times and artefacts from previous eras.

Most recent

A photograph of Mervyn Hill

Mervyn Hill - The Hogmanay bonfire in Pulteneytown

Size: 24Mb
A photograph of Gwyneth Sutherland

Gwyneth Sutherland - We go together everywhere now

Size: 10Mb
A photograph of George Bethune

George Bethune - Dunbeath harbour

Size: 13Mb
A photograph of Alex Smith

Alex Smith - At Dunnet Head I was lifted off my feet

Size: 21Mb
A photograph of Harry Leith

Harry Leith - You have the sea in your blood

Size: 19Mb