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A photograph of Katrona Mackenzie

Katrona Mackenzie

Lockdown Reflections - Wick Gala

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Duration: 4m 10s

Type: Audio

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Recorded: 5 July 2020

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About this recording

Katrona Mackenzie has been an enthusiastic member of Wick Gala committee for many years and enjoys the planning and organisation of the annual event.

She explains how the committee was faced with a difficult decision when they met via Zoom, at the beginning of lockdown. The uncertain times ahead, led to the decision to cancel gala week, due to take place in late July 2020.

However, members of the committee were aware of the importance of keeping families engaged over the period of lockdown so they decided to expand their usual gala associated competitions.

In May they organised a window display competition, which attracted an excellent response.

In June they ran a scarecrow and flowerpot men competition, which has brightened up the town.

People are being encouraged to send photos of previous galas to the committee. These will form the basis of a slide-show presentation to be shown on Facebook on what should have been the gala ceremony date.

A garden competition, with many categories, will be judged in August.

Katrona encourages everyone to engage with these events and she along with everyone involved, looks forward to the organisation of the 2021 Wick Gala.


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