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A photograph of Lily MacGregor

Lily MacGregor

It was fun

Born: 1930

Duration: 33m 8s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 21.3 Mb

Recorded: 5 December 2019

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About this recording

Lily MacGregor (née Bremner) describes happy times growing up in a large family in Kennedy Terrace, where neighbours helped and supported each other. She remembers the many happy hours spent at the Trinkie, the regular visits to the cinema and work on the local farms near to her home.

On leaving school at the age of fourteen, she undertook a variety of jobs including work at the herring and kippers, employment in the laundry and the stocking factory. She fondly recalls work ‘at the herring’ in Lowestoft, Yarmouth and Hull, and describes the long arduous journey by steam train. Despite the hard work in McGhan’s laundry in Louisburgh Street, she recalls the strong sense of community as everyone sang as they worked.

In particular, she recalls the day the war ended, when peace was declared and everyone finished work early to join in the celebrations.

She describes Halloween parties with treacle scones and 'ducking for apples' and New Year celebrations when neighbours visited and had a great time.

Lily’s recollections will trigger many memories of days gone by, which she describes as ‘happy times’.


Well done Lily really enjoyed your stories, and you mentioned my mum and dad Jenny and John and there wedding. Thanks Morna xx

Posted by Mary Dunbar at 19:57:42 on 15/12/2019 - Report comment

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