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A photograph of Catherine MacAulay

Catherine MacAulay

Life at the top of Murchison Street

Born: 1945

Duration: 3m 48s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 5Mb

Recorded: 6 August 2019

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About this recording

“Everybody that went to the Trinkie came home with a neep,” says Catherine Macaulay as she reflects on her Pulteneytown childhood.
She remembers visits from the rag-and-bone man, who would hand the local children a balloon in exchange for any rags they could find. Another caller was the man who sharpened knives.
The coopers and gutters would go to Yarmouth for the fishing and would return with some Yarmouth rock as a treat. Catherine remembers how her mother, a gutter, would have “clooties” tied to her fingers.
Catherine talks fondly of “long summer days, great friends and lovely neighbours”.


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