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A photograph of Robert Sutherland

Robert Sutherland

‘We’d be at the harbour all the time’

Born: 1954

Duration: 7m 0s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 9Mb

Recorded: 5 September 2019

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About this recording

Robert Sutherland shares some more memories of growing up in Pulteneytown and how he and his friends spent much of their time around the harbour. They would be able to name all the boats as they came in.
He remembers fishing for peltags and sellags. “Inevitably somebody would say, ‘Here boy, ye wanting a fry?’ And of course you never refused. You’d get half a dozen haddies on a piece of string.”
Robert also recalls washing lines being full of fish rather than clothes.
He talks about various money-making schemes, from returning empty bottles to a local bar to "pressing button B” on a phone box to get tuppence out of it.
There are also recollections of attending Sunday School and having to stay on for the church service when he had to hand over a precious few pennies for the collection.
Finally he reflects on how jeans and winklepickers became fashion items.
Robert spent 31 years in the police force and has lived in Thurso for over 25 years. This is one of several recordings he has made for Wick Voices.


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